The Tanda Bilingual Academy is an educational community committed to raising ethical leaders first for Côte d'Ivoire, throughout Africa, and then all over the world.

It is the #1 school in the region as named by the Ministry of Education in Côte d'Ivoire!


We have:


・163 students enrolled for the 2019 - 2020 school year 

・The only Library in the region

・The only Digital Library in the region

・50% boys and 50% girls, whereas surrounding areas have significantly less female students 

・Grades 1 - 5

・A class size of 30, while the country average is 80 students


We are located in Tanda, Côte d'Ivoire!

Our campus has an Elementary School, Middle School, Administration Building, Infirmary, two Cantines, and Student Housing! We are beginning Phase III of our development: the Highschool and accompanying bathrooms, and the Multipurpose Sports Court. 


The Tanda Bilingual Academy will use a curriculum prescribed by the Ivorian government. However, material in the curriculum will be taught from a Worldview through a Principle Approach and supplemented with Morality and Ethics, Technology, Financial Literacy, and Language Immersion (specifically, English). Throughout the various stages of education, students of the TBA will be trained to be leaders in their city, country, continent, and the world.

Morality & Ethics

 All too often nations fall because they fail to do what is right and they let the moral and ethical standards fall by the wayside. TBA students will learn how their moral and ethical foundations  -  established through a principal approach worldview  -  affect the way they think and act. They will learn how to honor others and act uprightly to be leaders with strong character.


 At this time in history, technology continues to permeate the world. Those that know how to use the tools of technology will be able to lead thought and action in the world. TBA students will learn how to use technology to be leaders in their spheres of influence.

Financial Literacy

 The ability to control personal finances and resources under your care with integrity and is vital. Money is a resource that can be used improperly to the detriment of the population or it can be used to give life to people when used effectively. TBA students will learn how to use it effectively based on high moral and ethical standards.

Language Immersion

 By understanding French and English, students will be able to converse in two dominant languages in the world today along with other local languages of their villages and cities. The ability to communicate effectively allows for individuals to move past barriers to leadership.


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