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The Student Receives

Registration Fees

School Supplies

Food for Lunch


Health and Hygiene Lessons

Educational Assistance

Medical Check-ups

What you Receive

Joy of Helping

Reports of Progress

Photos of your student

Opportunity to communicate directly with your sponsor student



Thanks! Message sent.

  • How much does a sponsorship cost?
    Student sponsorship is $40 a month.
  • How do I communicate with my student?
    1040i has set up a page for you to submit your messages to us directly. Click here! Letters help to develop a more connected relationship between sponsors and their children. The child or children you sponsor would love to hear about you and your life. You can write about your family, friends, hobbies, and how excited you are to be sponsoring them! Photos are also a great addition to your message - you can send those to Please include your name and your student's ID number.
  • When will I hear from my student?
    You will receive an updated picture of your student at the beginning of each school year. You should hear from your student at least once or twice a year. Due to the fact that this community has extremely limited internet access, communication with your student will be limited to the two trips 1040i takes each year. We will deliver your message to your student during our first trip, and will hopefully return their messages to you after our second trip.
  • Does my money go directly to my student?
    Yes, your monthly sponsorship will go directly to the child. 10% of your monthly sponsorship will go towards capital improvement. This ensures that we can build a middle school and high school so that your student can continue their education!
  • What does my monthly sponsorship provide?
    Your monthly sponsorship will provide your child with nutritious food for lunch every day, registration fees for the Tanda Bilingual Academy, educational assistance, health and hygiene lessons, medical check-ups, supplies necessary for class, and uniforms.
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